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The Factory Doctor


Morgan Stanley 121323.png

December 2023

Morgan Stanley

2211_Bloomber Intelligence Webinar.png

November 2022

Bloomberg Intelligence

Tier 2 Aerospace.png

March 2022

Aviation Week

2010_FTC Industry Leading Practices.png

October 2020

Manufacturing Technology Insights

2207_Aero Supply Chain Update.png

July 2022

JP Morgan

What Lies Ahead_1.png

July 2021

Aerospace Executive Podcast

2006_Supplier Dashboard with SAP.png

June 2020

SAP & Patriot Industrial Partners

2212__Watch Items for Supply Chain Webinar.png

December 2022

Morgan Stanley

Challenges and Opportunities_1.png

July 2022

Unusually Well Informed Podcast

Overdue Consolidation_1.png

July 2021

Air Insight Group

Webinaire COVID19 and the Aerospace Chain_1.png

March 2020

Aero Montreal Webinar

2212_COMAC C919 vs Boeing 737.png

December 2022

Wall Street Journal

Fear the Red Dragon or Ride it_1.png

March 2021

Aviation Week

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